Using the Bowl


  • Carefully transport the Bowl home. Please remember that you are carrying a piece of handmade art. You have the bowl for one week, Monday through Sunday. We strongly recommend cleaning the bowl prior to use.
  • Plan your meal with your bowl. It can be any kind of meal, such as a family tradition, a personal favorite you want to make for yourself or to share with one other or many. It may be a new recipe or one learned from a loved one.
  • Handwash the bowl. Do not use in dishwasher, microwave, oven or freezer. Before placing food in the bowl, first run room temperature tap water over the bowl, slowly increasing to cold, if using cold food or hot, if using hot food. Please do not transport food in the bowl and basket.
  • Using a digital camera or a phone, document your experience and submit a story of three paragraphs or less, 3-4 images, recipes, videos to Kim Tinuviel at who will be managing
  • You may also mail handwritten recipes and stories to Kim Tinuviel at 4563 Cedar Hill Road, Langley, WA 98260.
  • Please clean the bowl and pack well in the basket provided and return to the same location by the end of your week. Others will be picking up the bowl on the next Monday.
  • What if I break the Bowl? Accidents happen. We will ask you to pay what you are able to replace this Bowl with another. Please collect the broken pieces and return, as they will be made into another work of art by mosaic artist Kate Anderson.
  • Please continue to follow the project on and share your story when posted with your friends, family and those far away via social media.
  • Thank you for joining us!