O’Weisberger Thanksgivukkah

by Harriet O’Neal

O'Weisberger Thanksgivukkah celebration

kale with avocado and pickled onions at the O’Weisberger Thanksgivukkah celebration.

We used our beautiful bowl to hold a delicious salad at our Thanksgivukkah celebration. The salad was kale with avocado and pickled onions, very simple and delicious (as well as healthy). The kale came from the cooler at Greenbank farm and was lovingly grown by the young interns there. I chopped the kale, my daughter-in-law parboiled it, brined the onions in the simple vinaigrette, and our friend Rachel cubed the avocado, so the salad was a shared experience. Then my oldest granddaughter led the prayers for the second night of Hanukkah while her younger sister lit the candles. We then passed the food. I was truly thankful for so many things, not the least for being able to share the story of this project.

By the way, Judith, the potter who made this bowl, is at Bayview for the holiday market. I recognized her by her pottery and we had a chat. One more way the bowls build community. Joy.



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