Ishii-Campbell Thanksgiving

by Jill Ishii-Campbell

Campbell-Ishii_Thanksgiving_IIILucky Bowl.  You got to spend a wonderful day with our family.  We filled you with a lovely Kale and Beet Salad, and you sat beside so many other pretty and delicious dishes while we all dug in and talked nonstop about all that is going on in our varied lives.  Aurelio and Benito, our grandchildren, loved having us all together and in time will look forward to Thanksgiving gatherings as we have always done.  Food is very important to us and we cherish the making and the sharing of it.  As an extended family of mostly vegans, we are bonded by not just the flavors of food, but the ideology as well.
One dish that we have every year is not necessarily a healthy one, but a favorite nonetheless.  Orange-glazed Yams Jill's-yam-recipefrom my grandmother’s Sunset Magazine cookbook.  1933.  I decrease the sugar a bit, but pretty much follow the original recipe.  I figure that at least it doesn’t have marshmallows!  (And nowadays, you can even buy VEGAN marshmallows.)  This year, I baked a Japanese-ish type stuffed Kabocha squash– fragrant with ginger and shiitakes.  Along with mashed potatoes, Fieldroast, corn pudding, three types of gravy,  and at least five other dishes, we had plenty to enjoy.  Pumpkin Roll Cake, Banana Cream Pie, Fruitcake and Roasted Beet & Winter Green Salad.

Elisha Ishii with a slice of vegan lemon meringue pie.

Our daughter Elisha even made a Lemon Meringue Pie for dessert.  Most everything was gluten free too, to accommodate a wheat allergy.  It’s so odd to always have people wonder what vegans eat, when there is such abundance……..


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