Holding and Sharing at Tilth Potluck

by Kathleen K

kk-all-about-communityWednesday, December 11th, I picked up the beautiful Pooh Bowl and poem and took them to the Tilth Potluck. The bread I shared in the bowl came from Living Green, the wheat grown in Coupeville. My first Whidbey community potluck, invited by Madam Tilth President Linda Good. A joyous time enjoyed by all. The bowl also reminded me of the I Ching and the chapter about how the empty space makes it functional. Then read the Tao of Pooh again as I was reminded of the book by the bowl. And lastly, the beautiful bowl reminded me of my Sister who was called Pooh and how fragile life is. I so appreciated being able to hold and share. Thank you.


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