Feeding Writers at Hedgebrook Farm

by Cathy Bruemmer

P1230046fWith abundant sunshine and enough heat it has been a great year in the garden. I have the pleasure of tending the vegetable garden at Hedgebrook, a retreat for women writers. It’s a beautiful space with raised beds, flowers, fruit trees and vines. For twenty-five years produce for the kitchen and bouquets for the table have been grown here. Thousands of women from around the country and across the globe have come to Hedgebrook to focus on their work. Our garden helps nourish them, both body and soul, with that literal connection to the land.
P1220966fP1230041fAt this time of year it’s all about the fruit. Apples, pears, grapes and kiwi are abundant.Our food dehydrators are running daily and the freezer is full. The fruit flies are out of control. The change of seasons has been abrupt and it feels like time to hunker down with a good book.
P1230036fLike all of us the land needs rest. Most years we have a decent sized winter garden, so all the writers who come get some homegrown produce. This year, with the exception of two garlic beds, the entire garden is planted in cover crop. It was a difficult task, harvesting all that remained in the final days of September. Baby greens that could have been big salads in November became tiny salads. With the help of my good friend Anne, we cleared every bed and planted a mix of grains and legumes. Then the rains hit and this week the optimism that comes with emerging seeds is back. Sprouts are up and netting is going down to ensure the potential future fertility doesn’t become bird food today.The following recipes are by Hedgebrook’s chefs, Denise Barr and Julie Rosten:Carrot Ginger Orange Soup
Tuscan Kale and Apple Salad
Apple Raspberry CrispOrder the Hedgebrook cookbook here.

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