Even An Owl

by Ann Cutcher, Medical Director for Enso House

The Tahoma (One Drop) Monastery garden is cared for by people from all over the world:

Even An Owl

Even an owl sometime tends the gardens
at Tahoma (One Drop) Monastery in Freeland

Doyu Mark Albin: Los Angeles & Japan
Dosho Simon Leon: United Kingdom
Ekei Andreas Zettl: Germany
Doho: Spain
Soryu Sylvia Dambrauskas: Seattle
Myokyo Judy Skenazy: Seattle
Gentai Robert Kovacevic: Croatia
Gensho Alan Florence: Canada
Daiko Peter Skovgaard: Denmark
Jisho Varant Arslanian: Japan
Sara Monial: Oregon
Kevin Johnson: Wyoming
Daigi Gregory Sellers: New Mexico
Blaine Venturine: Seattle
Dairin Larry Larrick: Seattle
MyoO Renate Kraemer: Germany

“Who would like some cabbage?”

The latest caretaker was MyoO who has now returned to Germany after being the nurse at Enso house for ten years. 

The neighborhood, the Sangha, is fed by this garden. This includes the hospice home next door, the monastery community, the monks and those attending retreats for caregivers…anyone who walks in the door.

Located on Whidbey Island in Washington State, the Tahoma One Drop Zen Monastery cultivates the practice of mindfulness in life and work. www.onedropzen.org


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