Six Bowls Team
Penny Kaela Bauer, founder
Kim Tinuviel/Tinuviel Creative, blogger/social media,
Vicki Grayson Liden, web developer,
Tom Trimbath, social media,
David Welton, event photographer,
Michael Stadler, bowl photographer,

Bowl Artists
Robert Adamson and Janis Swalwell
Carol Ann Bauer
Jodi Cable
Lyla Lillis
Inge Roberts
Sharon Warwick

Poets and Writers
Judith Adams
Patricia Duff
Lorraine Healy
David Ossman
Victory Schouten
Joni Takanikos
Judith Walcutt

Blessing of the Bowls Dinner
Gloria Sherman, One Spirit Garden

Bowl Covers
Julie Gerston

Tracy Zhu, Tango Zulu Imports
Six Bowls baskets
These beautiful baskets are handmade in the West African country of Ghana. They are made entirely from sustainable resources, and their production has a minimal impact on the environment. The weavers have used these baskets for generations to store and carry food, and in recent years have formed cooperatives so they can work together to export the baskets. These baskets are fair trade products, so the weavers are paid a living wage and have good working conditions.

Logo Inspiration
Original bowl art by Carye Bye at