Make common cause with place

by Barbara Schaetti

This is in part a story of procrastination! I borrowed a bowl last December, early in the borrowing season, and yet here it is September 3rd, with the auction almost upon us, and I am only now posting photos and the story of read more...

A Six Bowls Fellowship

by Liz Florkowski

In March, a small group of four gathered to eat, drink, and be merry. The Bowl, from Coupeville’s Bayleaf, held an aromatic seafood curry. The meal filled our bellies and the fellowship filled our souls. read more...

The Bowl That Came to Visit

by Dinah Stinson

I have been inquiring of this borrowed, gifting bowl for several days now. We are gazing partners. I am in relationship with it, and it stirs many things in me, like AWE – Awe of a community which continually dreams up new opportunities read more...

Step-by-step instructions for setting up your garden

by Pam Mitchell

A step-by-step manual for setting up your own home food growing system. It’s not too late to start, even if it’s already summer!

Gardening-Workshop-2014 (pdf)

The Chia Farm

The Chia Farm
360-579-1056

Borrow A Bowl For A Bash

by Tom Trimbath 

Borrow a bowl! Why yes, I’d be happy to because I had something to celebrate. I was going to keep my house. Well, really I was going to be in a trial period that may result in a mortgage modification that may have read more...

A Gathering Haiku

A Girls Gathering.
Laughter reverberating.
Walk, imbibe, revive.

 by Melissa Russell


Blessings Lunch for Students of Organic Farm Training School, Greenbank Farm

contributed by Faith Wilder

March 10 was the first day of the 2014 Organic Farm Training School year. Faith Wilder hosted a Six Bowls lunch to bless the students. This was an opportunity to introduce them to the convergence of earth, art and spirit which Whidbey read more...

The Vessel

by Kim Merritt

I was so excited to be a part of the Six Bowl Project.I went to Casey Crafts and picked up the bowl on Wednesday, February 5. The way the bowl was tucked into the beautiful basket with a leather handle, the way the read more...

A party for 16

by Victoria Castle

Since there are just 2 of us, my husband and I have very informal meals. No need for a big beautiful bowl most of the time. So I reserved the bowl, which has now been used by many in this great circulation event, read more...