Bowl by Sharon Warwick

I started working with the mud at South Whidbey High School in 1985. I pull my inspiration from the beaches and the woods here on South Whidbey. I incorporate Island clay into my slips and glazes. I keep the beauty of the Island fresh with my functional pottery.
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Poems by David Ossman & Judith Walcutt

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To this bowl
May all blessings come–

Speaking the language of kindness 
With beautiful fruits,
picked from a tree
near where you live;

To this bowl,
May all blessings come–

Speaking love
like pasta with a sauce
made by hand
from vegetables grown
by someone you know
who loves to grow vegetables; 

To this bowl
May all blessings come–

Joyfully unbidden
like surprises you long for,
nourishment from the unexpected
source you did not know of
until then when
your door opened
and  what you did not know
was possible,
crossed the threshold;

To this bowl,
May all such blessings come—

—Judith Walcut                                  
October 3, 2013


for the Six Bowls project, Whidbey Island

In this bowl
rest galaxies–

glass fresh 
from the shore
your lemons
or your tears 


smooth seas of
dark wine
sauced with


full moonrise
and last lights
across the harbour
festoon the night
a mirror set
to celebrate and
set the house aright 

Blue and white,
full of hope—


—David Ossman
October 21, 2013