Bowl by Janis Swalwell and Robert Adamson


Poem by Joni Takanikos


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Imagine a Bowl Shaped Universe

Imagine a bowl shaped universe,
a patterned pink and silver hollow dome
housing a spiral flecked with
colours of rust and green,
climbing up and around from inside.

At the center lies a crustacean like starburst,
and leading off from it a long gown sized swath
of patterned light spreads upward until
the hem of it reaches the outer edge.

A small moonlit bubble lies along the outer ring of the center.
Learned ones who have studied this universe tell us
that it was once molten liquid.
The faithful among us believe that some unseen force
must have had a hand in its perfect design,
while others believe that it was shaped by the
poetic beauty of Chaos looking for Form
as the liquid mass cooled.

But the Spiral certainly has an ordered intelligence.
The Patterns in the reflected light have a complexity
that continues to baffle our greatest minds.
And the Center Creature whose wide tail reaches
to the edge, is imbued with presence and awareness
to the whole of our universe.

I only know this world that contains everything,
and yet its mystery lies at my feet
like a faithful dog.
All things I see and sense of this
world within a world,
can be picked up in my hands,
and yet when I hold it,
I know I hold a world,
Complete and formed unto itself.
A world we call a bowl.

—Joni Takanikos for Six Bowls project
Whidbey Island  November 2013