Borrow A Bowl For A Bash

by Tom Trimbath 


Borrow a bowl! Why yes, I’d be happy to because I had something to celebrate. I was going to keep my house. Well, really I was going to be in a trial period that may result in a mortgage modification that may have a probationary period, but those are details. This was something to celebrate, particularly with the community of friends who’ve helped me through.


DSC_4246But what to put in the bowl? So many of the other stories have impressive recipes. I love to cook, but those recipes set a high bar. Then I looked at what came with the bowl. Patricia Duff wrote the meaningful backstory to the bowl. (Every bowl gets some bit of literary eloquence.) She called it an Everyman bowl. Cooking for every one is difficult because we are a diverse crowd by choice and necessity. So, I decided to put enough different things in the bowl to please, almost, everyone. Sausage in the middle, flanked by carrots and celery, fronted with cheese, and backed with brownies.


Bundle the bowl back into its basket. Hang onto the memories of the party and my friends and what they’ve helped achieve. Nothing is certain so it makes sense to celebrate what we can, how we can, and include as many as we can. And maybe next time there will be more dancing.


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