A Porch Garden

by Lynne and George Jensen

P1210936fP1210940fWe grow a small garden on our deck and front porch to supplement trips to the Farmers’ Markets and local garden stands.  There are 4 tomato plants, 2 zucchini plants, pots of basil, dill, oregano and mint, as well as several containers of greens (lettuces, kale, sorrel, and green onions).  We also have several pots and hanging baskets of flowers.

P1210905-1000pxThere have been a few challenges for our deck garden this year:
1.  Keeping the tomatoes, basil and zukes warm and dry in the early spring.  I rigged up a temporary shelter using “items found around the shop” — visqueen, alpaca fencing poles placed in pots of stones, wooden lathe and clothespins.
2.  Keeping the alpacas (we have 2) from reaching over and sampling the veggies and flowers.  We’ve tried a variety of strategies and finally resorted to a temporary fence, again using the alpaca fencing posts and deer fencing, as well as patio furniture barriers.
3.  Earwigs:  the only non-toxic thing that helps keep them from chewing up the plants is diatomaceous earth, but it is ineffective when wet, so has to be reapplied after each watering.But for the most part we’ve received much joy in walking out on the deck or front porch to pick a salad, zucchini or a ripe red tomato.  Yum.

Please enjoy this recipe for Zucchini Casserole from my Aunt Sally, the best cook on my Mom’s side of the family.  It is her most famous dish. It is our favorite way to use up all those zucchinis in the garden.


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