A party for 16

by Victoria Castle

IMG_1406Since there are just 2 of us, my husband and I have very informal meals. No need for a big beautiful bowl most of the time. So I reserved the bowl, which has now been used by many in this great circulation event, to take my potluck dish to a friend’s birthday party. There were 16 women present – who all appreciated the history of the bowl and some who will now sign up to take their turn.

What I shared was a curried quinoa salad with roasted root vegetables, apples, and walnuts. The bowl and the salad complimented each other beautifully.

Most of all, getting to use the bowl and share it makes me feel even more connected in this amazing community. Turns out we are all related, sometimes it’s just not so obvious.

Thanks for the inspiration of this idea!

Bon appetite to all,



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