Celebrating Life on Whidbey Island

Six Bowls is the opportunity for sharing food, art and stories in our community. 

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Jodi-6676 Carol-6623 Sharon-6697

Here is how it happens:

  • The Six Bowls project of 2013/14 started with a group of ceramic and glass artists creating six serving bowls. To see bowls, click on images.

  • These serving bowls traveled through the hands of six poets or writers who each created a short meditation for their bowl.

  • Now the bowls with these words will circulate through the community for one year.

  • Persons, groups and organizations will document their period with a bowl in the form of photographs, reflections, videos, art, and recipes.

  • Local farmers and producers will be highlighted as resources for meals made for the bowls to share with others.

  • The Six Bowls will then be gathered for an art installation and silent auction in the fall 2014 with music, food and reading of the poems. All proceeds will benefit Good Cheer Food Bank in Bayview.

  • Join Us!