A Burundi Gathering

Burundi gathering

by Jeanne R. Strong

In nine days I leave for Bujumbura, the capital city of Burundi in central Africa, where I will be working with teachers and their students to help heal the wounds and trauma of civil war. In preparation for this journey, on Thursday read more...

New Beginnings


By Penny Keala Bauer

Many years ago, I began photographing the hands of elders offering us symbolic gifts. This became The Gifts Project. The very first image/gift came in the form of these puffballs grown in the backyard of Nan in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This offering read more...

A Memory For Blue and White Porcelain

Bowl with dragon

by Judith Walcutt

Before we received our bowl for blessing, I didn’t know how it would look or what I might feel when I saw it.

The assorted bowls of our lives narrate time and space back to us, if we stop for a moment and read more...

Wedding Bowl Beauty

Grandmother Jantz Bowl

by Shirley Jantz

Ceremony ~ how it beautifully marks the passages and seasons of our lives. In this way, my husband Walt and I chose to include in our wedding two Essential Bowls. One, a large sunflower yellow mixing bowl, passed down from his Grandmother, that read more...

Chinook Begging Bowl


by Diane Shiner,  former Director of  The Whidbey Institute

A monastic tradition of many religions is to go begging in the morning with an empty bowl. Whatever will be placed in the bowl, whether it is a little or a lot will be enough for the read more...