Wedding Bowl Beauty

by Shirley Jantz

Ceremony ~ how it beautifully marks the passages and seasons of our lives. In this way, my husband Walt and I chose to include in our wedding two Essential Bowls. One, a large sunflower yellow mixing bowl, passed down from his Grandmother, that read more...

Why I Grow A Garden

by Joy Dennis

Every year I plant a garden. It is my hope that it will feed us and save money. Each year the garden looks different.   We have moved a lot over the past four years,  and every Spring we have been in a new


Chinook Begging Bowl

by Diane Shiner,  former Director of  The Whidbey Institute

A monastic tradition of many religions is to go begging in the morning with an empty bowl. Whatever will be placed in the bowl, whether it is a little or a lot will be enough for the read more...

A Porch Garden

by Lynne and George Jensen

We grow a small garden on our deck and front porch to supplement trips to the Farmers’ Markets and local garden stands.  There are 4 tomato plants, 2 zucchini plants, pots of basil, dill, oregano and mint, as well as several read more...

The Language of Tomatoes

by Jodi & Steve Cable

September tells the story of the waning summer season in the language of tomatoes. This year there is a bowl of bright sweet yellow balls on the counter, with a few larger oval red and green ones laying to the side. read more...

End of Summer Herbs

by Val Easton

By about the third week of August, the sun slants at a different angle, the light changes, and the morning mists linger longer. I love my garden most as the weather cools, plants mellow, and begin their slide into winter. The garden settles read more...

An offering

Blueberries ©Penny Kaela Bauer

“The art that matters to us – which
moves the heart, or revives the soul,
or delights the senses, or offers courage
for living, however we choose to describe
the experience – that work is received by
us as a gift received.”

Lewis Hyde

Even An Owl

by Ann Cutcher, Medical Director for Enso House

The Tahoma (One Drop) Monastery garden is cared for by people from all over the world:
Doyu Mark Albin: Los Angeles & Japan
Dosho Simon Leon: United Kingdom
Ekei Andreas Zettl: Germany
Doho: Spain
Soryu Sylvia Dambrauskas: Seattle

Good Cheer Garden Work Party

The Good Cheer Garden work party is every Wednesday, 9 am – 4 pm. Come for as long or short as you’d like, and help us grow fresh vegetables for the Food Bank.

Picnic lunch at noon with soup and bread, plus salad greens from the read more...