Trowbridge Thanksgiving

by Cynthia Trowbridge

Thanksgiving is one of our very favorite holidays. We share our gratitude and connection with an ever changing group of family and friends. We gathered a group of seventeen this year ranging in age from 1 to 70.We chose to use our bowl


Ishii-Campbell Thanksgiving


by Jill Ishii-Campbell

Lucky Bowl.  You got to spend a wonderful day with our family.  We filled you with a lovely Kale and Beet Salad, and you sat beside so many other pretty and delicious dishes while we all dug in and talked nonstop about all read more...

Feeding Writers at Hedgebrook Farm

by Cathy Bruemmer

With abundant sunshine and enough heat it has been a great year in the garden. I have the pleasure of tending the vegetable garden at Hedgebrook, a retreat for women writers. It’s a beautiful space with raised beds, flowers, fruit trees and vines. read more...

New Beginnings

By Penny Keala Bauer

Many years ago, I began photographing the hands of elders offering us symbolic gifts. This became The Gifts Project. The very first image/gift came in the form of these puffballs grown in the backyard of Nan in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This offering read more...

Introducing: A Garden Emerges

by Pam Mitchell

Pam’s Place Produce is an amalgamation of a number of different garden sites on the South End of Whidbey Island, totaling an area of a half acre in raised beds, as well as three large polytunnels as season extenders, to grow vegetables year-round read more...

A Memory For Blue and White Porcelain

by Judith Walcutt

Before we received our bowl for blessing, I didn’t know how it would look or what I might feel when I saw it.

The assorted bowls of our lives narrate time and space back to us, if we stop for a moment and read more...

Apple Tree Garden – Center of Diversity

by Mara Grey

As the current volunteer caretaker for the Appletree Garden at Chinook, I feel like I’ve been given the freedom to create my ideal garden, a mix of roses, herbs, flowers and edibles. There are plants from all over the world; Russia, New Zealand, read more...

Growing Food at City Hall

by Bernita Sanstad

One of the most fun things associated with planting and maintaining the gardens around City Hall and the Boy and the Dog Park are the many and varied conversations I have with all the people who are attracted by the inviting flowers and read more...

New Bees at Chinook

by Maggie Mahle
The mission and principles of care and connection that are the core of the Whidbey Institute are a distinctive fit. My deep commitment to land stewardship, and growing food in a healthy way for the community fueled our move to South South Whidbey

Simplicity – A Favorite Ingredient

by Wendy Dion and Dan Walker

We would like to share with you several of our favorite summer garden recipes. They are easy and beautiful. Simplicity is one of my favorite ingredients. I think we’re more likely to eat fresh veggies when we keep things simple