Sharing a bowl with Pooh

by Jody Harrison

 I picked up my bowl earlier this week. It was a gift and tender to carry away to my home. It was exciting to sit with the bowl and eat something special from it. The bowl was infused with story already, even though read more...

Two Sisters, One Bowl

by Ruth & Sarah

Ruth’s musings-

Year-end is about gratitude. Because we’re human, it also becomes about sadness, loss, expectation, fear, joy, shame, confusion and love. The bowl is a metaphor for each of us as we become vessels that hold these emotions. So, we make


Mother’s Handwriting and Christmas Eve

by Penny Bauer

This Christmas Eve, my sister Connie and I are remembering our mother June and what a creative and resourceful cook she was.

Our extended family always gathered on Christmas Eve to share the time together and enjoy the tree, lights and family decorations read more...

Holding and Sharing at Tilth Potluck

by Kathleen K

Wednesday, December 11th, I picked up the beautiful Pooh Bowl and poem and took them to the Tilth Potluck. The bread I shared in the bowl came from Living Green, the wheat grown in Coupeville. My first Whidbey community potluck, invited by Madam read more...

Six Bowls and My Book Group

by Claudia Fuller

One of my joys is to be an original member of the book group, South Whidbey Read and Feed. We have met monthly for over 15 years in the home of Christi Ruscigno. Members have come and gone, but we have steadfastly followed


Welton Thanksgiving

 by David Welton

We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in the 6 bowls project. We had the bowl at our house for the Thanksgiving Holiday 2013.Our daughter-in-law, Rannveig Aamodt of Norway had a serious rock climbing accident April 2012. She fell 50 feet. Fortunately read more...

A Gingerbread House

by Inge Roberts

When I was very little, my mother tried to make me a gingerbread house from saved up war rations. With tremendous excitement we set out for the building adventure. Then followed rising frustration, cardboard tasting gingerbread, that runny whitish sugary mess which failed read more...

A Harvest Brunch

by Shirley Jantz and Walt Blackford

Six of us gathered, giving gaiety new meaning…. circling around the Beauty and Blessing of Earth, Women, Men and Fire: Floating candles, white and pink alstroemerias, an Artist’s touch of Grace. Thank You, Lyla, for this bowl, and all that read more...

Bowl Blessing Dinner

by Kim Tinuviel

When Gloria Sherman at One Spirit Garden in Clinton first heard about the project, she said “We must have a blessing of the bowls before they go out into the community” and began organizing the event. The event was intended to celebrate the read more...

O’Weisberger Thanksgivukkah

O'Weisberger Thanksgivukkah celebration

by Harriet O’Neal

We used our beautiful bowl to hold a delicious salad at our Thanksgivukkah celebration. The salad was kale with avocado and pickled onions, very simple and delicious (as well as healthy). The kale came from the cooler at Greenbank farm and was lovingly read more...